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Cinegy Workflow

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workflowCinegy Workflow is an integrated, end-to-end, HD/SD, digital media production and management system designed to meet the challenges of 21st century television and media production. Based on standard PC hardware and IT infrastructure, Cinegy Workflow is a modular, open platform consisting of a suite of tools, applications and open APIs that allow television production to shift into the next gear without being taken hostage by a particular vendor’s proprietary solution. It also integrates fully with traditional production and post production processes, including non-linear editing systems, and can be implemented without requiring investment in a completely new infrastructure.

Cinegy Workflow encompasses every aspect of media production, including real-time media ingest in multiple quality levels, automatic shot detection, speech recognition, advanced logging, production notes, voice annotation, rights management, digital asset management, search and retrieval, sequencing, storyboarding, non-linear editing, workgroup collaboration, remote screening, review and approval, conform and playout. It also manages multi-media output for web and to DVD or Blu-Ray. Cinegy has a proven track record, having provided media technology to more than two million users worldwide either directly or through its many OEM customers. Cinegy deployments range from a single seat to hundreds of concurrent users.

Core components of Cinegy Workflow

Cinegy Capture – can be installed as a self-starting service on a commodity server or standard PC and configured to work with specified video hardware or IP streams. Once started Cinegy Capture announces itself to the network as an appliance that is controlled remotely via a web-hosted application, meaning install-free and cross-platform operation on Windows and Mac OS alike.

There is no limit to how many instances of Cinegy Capture can run on a machine other than processor performance and available space to install SDI cards. With a high performance server or workstation up to four AVID DNxHD or XDCAM HD422 streams can be captured simultaneously.

Cinegy Desktop – is a universal production tool that provides real-time access to media in the Cinegy Archive, along with a powerful suite of tools for logging and editing, and an almost limitless ability to ingest, import and export media to third-party non-linear editing and automation systems.

Cinegy Workspace  – provides secure access to Cinegy Archive Database from anywhere at any time. Using the Cinegy Workspace browser-based interface, clips can be searched, browsed, selected and even edited.

Cinegy Archive – is the innovative media asset management solution for any organization with an archive or productions to manage. With its scalable and open architecture Cinegy offers the most affordable solution to digitize tape-based archive and production workflows.

Cinegy Air  – is a network-attached real-time video playout service appliance. It consists of two parts – the Cinegy Air Control broadcast automation front-end and a real-time video service – Cinegy Air Engine – for SD / HD playout.

Additional products in the Cinegy Workflow suite provide tools for web access, post production and automated transcoding and batch processing, as well as software for building an IP-based workflow.

Cinegy Workflow is an intuitive solution conceived by media professionals for media professionals. It works with any type of media and redefines the concepts of archiving, production and automation for the digital age.




  • Cinegy Workflow works with all types of media content, from tape and live feeds through streaming data, pictures, audio and other data formats.
  • Cinegy's easy-to-use tools allow an integrated media analysis with automatic scene recognition (thumbnails and indexing).
  • Media-orientated database, from ingest via online editing functions through completion and playout, all features are fully integrated in one system.
  • Cinegy Workflow offers content in an individual configurable format for all purposes. It can be used purely as a database or as a multimedia browser. It can serve as a connection between online and offline edit, or between production and post.
  • Enables a tapeless workflow, with content accessible anywhere in the world via Cinegy Workspace.
  • Full control and rights management for each step of digital workflow, from ingest through edit, final approval and playout.
  • Cinegy Workflow enables third party NLE integration, plus support for MXF, AAF, XDCAM, HDV, DVB, and dozens of other formats and interfaces. Cinegy's browser tool allows insertion of Cinegy objects directly from the Cinegy Archive database to AVID systems.
  • Multi-database support, enabling workflows that cross departments and locations. This feature allows a simple yet powerful model for archiving and warehousing programs once they leave active production.


Cinegy Workflow can be configured to suit the needs of many different types of users, including broadcasters, professional film and television producers, corporate media departments, advertising agencies, national archives and educational institutions.