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Cinegy Multiviewer

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monitorCinegy Multiviewer enables you to monitor streams from satellites, camera feeds, playout devices and other sources locally and remotely. Featuring a robust alert system for signal problems as well as meters for audio analysis Cinegy Multiviewer runs on commodity IT servers or workstations receiving RTP/UDP streams via Ethernet or using standard SDI cards from vendors such as AJA, BMD, DVS or others. Cinegy Multiviewer can stream the screen output via RTP/UDP (MPEG-2 or H.264) to local or remote destinations and can also be run as a virtual machine if no SDI is required just using streaming inputs and creating a streaming output.
Easy-to-use and customize

Cinegy Multiviewer can easily adapt to your requirements with a fullycustomizable interface that can be designed using a WYSIWYG multilayouteditor. Cinegy Multiviewer can drive a full 4K UHD monitor,providing enough real-estate and video resolution for even the mostdemanding control room. For those times when the control room is notnear the equipment, or the viewer is not in the control room, CinegyMultiviewer supports full RTP retransmission of the output screen in upto4K 4:2:2 resolutions, making any of the configured multiple layoutsviewable anywhere in the building or in the world with remote controlvia a web interface. 





Channel previews

Cinegy Multiviewer displays channel name, audio level indicators aswell as real-time video previews playing the incoming video at fullframe rate. In addition, the alarm indicators display signal presenceof audio and video, VANC components (CC, AFD, V-Chip), whileVU meters dynamically show all present audio channels (stereo,5.1, etc.). If any signal component is outside defined parameters, acorresponding alarm indicator lights up, log entries are generated anda predefined alert is sent via email, SNMP, HTTP or API.

Cinegy Multiviewer is ideal for local and remote operations. Itcan be massively scaled from just a few to hundreds of channelswhile remaining fully supported in a cloud based or hosted serviceenvironment.