Mastering Media Management with Cinegy & Xendata Platform One

In today's broadcast environment the ability to manage and control your content is crucial.

What used to be called "tapeless workflows" are now the norm. More and more content is being created in higher and higher resolutions, which for media managers means that there are more files and that they are bigger than they used to be. After HD we now have UHD, 8K, and 10-bit colour. Each improvement increases the amount of data media managers need to control.


Successful media management means ensuring that the necessary essences are immediately available to the creative team, and that they can find what they need with a couple of clicks. It also means that ownership rights and terms of use need to be respected. It means being able to extract all the value from all of the content, while at the same time ensuring that production has all the resources it needs to complete projects.

Platform One enables all of this and more. Combining Cinegy's market-leading Archive and Desktop production tools together with XenData's market-leading storage solutions, Platform One is a drop-in data management and production solution which delivers a ready-to-roll system with server, disk, and tape library hardware, together with storage management, media management and broadcast production software.

On delivery, Platform One is ready for you to define your metadata needs, add users and start production. The experts from Cinegy and XenData will help you to configure the system in the shortest possible time so that you can hit the ground running.


Platform One includes:

- An HP server with all the power needed to drive the solution for years to come.
- At least one shelf of high-performance disks for the storing of on-line content
- An LTO tape backup system for long-term reliable inexpensive storage of large files
- XenData storage management software
- Cinegy Archive, installed and licenced but not configured
- Cinegy Desktop for browsing, logging, editing your content
- Cinegy Desktop Capture for ingesting video streams
- Cinegy Desktop Convert for file import, export and conforming


Platform One software and hardware can grow effortlessly with your needs from a handful of concurrent users up to hundreds. With the addition of Cinegy Air it becomes a complete broadcast solution with a direct connection between the timeline editor and playout for ultra-fast turnaround times. Adding Cinegy Prompter to the mix gives you a complete newsroom production workflow for a fraction of the cost of other news systems.


Join us on April 13th at 09:00 CET and 16:00 CET to get the full picture directly from Cinegy and XenData, working together to enable broadcast production environments that are fast, cost-effective, flexible,  and future-proofed.


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