Cinegy brings production and transmission synergies for Channel 31

Munich, Germany, 4 October, 2023: Cinegy GmbH, the premier provider of software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation, and playout, has implemented a new integrated automation platform for Channel 31 in Kazakhstan. The new solution replaces two separate legacy systems, for playout automation and for production, to simplify and speed workflows.


Channel 31 has been on air since 2001. Now based in Almaty, it brings together operations in 14 cities across Kazakhstan, creating news and entertainment programming broadcast 24/7.

To advance the channel’s capabilities and to deliver in the highest quality, Channel 31 decided to invest in a new, integrated content management, production and playout platform. Cinegy already has a strong presence in Kazakhstan with installations at a number of other channels, which allowed Channel 31 the chance to see the technology in action.

Importantly, it also meant that the broadcaster was certain of a high level of support available locally when needed, as well as from Cinegy’s headquarters. Combined with the inherent reliability and intuitive operation of the software, it meant that lifecycle costs for the new system were lower than other options.

“The new Cinegy automated system allows us to speed up the process of television broadcasts, as well as improving quality because of less conversions,” said Yernar Baimoldaev, technical director of Channel 31. “This system solves for us all the issues related to our news, production and transmission. We needed just two weeks of training, and today there are no complaints, just admiration.”

Mike Efimov, international sales manager for Cinegy, added “This project is a great example of the way our software applications combine to create a solution that is greater than the sum of its parts. We handle, store and process video content just once and it is available wherever it is needed, so there are no transfer delays, no signal conversions and storage is optimized. It is great to see Channel 31 really seizing the benefits of the Cinegy approach.

“The project was developed and built by our long-term regional partner DNK Kazakhstan,” continued Efimov. “It includes Cinegy Archive with several transcoding Cinegy Convert servers, 35 simultaneous journalist Cinegy Desktop instances, Cinegy Air PRO and Cinegy Capture PRO engines and Cinegy Prompter. So technically, it’s a great example of Cinegy-based facility.”



The contract was finalized early in 2023, and installation on site was completed in April. After a short training and familiarization period the system went on air, and is now delivering operational and workflow efficiencies right across the Channel 31 business.

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