Many modern corporations have recognised the emergence of multimedia as a vital tool for internal and external communication, but the creation, management, and diffusion of multimedia can present challenges. All too often existing solutions for the integration of video and audio into sales, marketing, internal communication, and customer outreach have been based around costly proprietary solutions (think video conferencing) or outsourced to third parties with a concomitant loss of control and focus. Ideally a modern corporation should be able to make use of its data, staff, and existing assets seamlessly, wherever they may be needed.

Cinegy software enables modern corporations to communicate using broadcast quality video and audio at a fraction of the cost usually associated with the handling of such rich content. Cinegy Archive is a media asset management system that simultaneously offers the tools and technologies in use by broadcasters around the world. But it is also a database application that can be run, managed, and protected using machinery and staff that are already in place for standard business purposes. Multimedia-based marketing collateral can now be generated, stored, and used within the same environment as transaction data, and information from all sides of the corporation can be pulled in as needed. Once the archive is in place, if there is a need for, say, a corporate TV channel broadcasting within the organisation, it can be realised by simply adding the relevant software modules, as existing Cinegy corporate customers have already discovered.


Governmental Agencies and national Parliaments, Fedex (USA), National Institute of Health (USA), RusNano and Gazprom (Russia), Societe des traversiers du Quebec (Canada), and others