Cinegy wins the Swedish Hockey League

Cinegy and Vericom are pleased to announce the recent deployment of Cinegy Archive for production and asset management at Sports Editing Sweden.

Sports Editing Sweden (SES) is a sport editing production company providing media production services to Sweden’s most popular and elite sports league, the Swedish Hockey League.

The Cinegy system at SES is based on the Cinegy Archive MAM that handles all the content and metadata. Connected to it are seven desktop editors and loggers in which the SES staff during the live game log and edit each game in real time.

“In a sports league perspective, where this system plays a big role and many different users need to access video content for many different reasons – Cinegy solves the content delivery issue extremely well and also integrates official game stats in the process which is outstanding regarding logging and archiving”. Says Andreas Brännström, Sports Editing Sweden

Because the Swedish Hockey League has clients with different media format requirements, Cinegy Convert handles the required outputs in an automated process, thus removing all of the current waiting time for SES’s clients. Format ranges between MXF HD clips for broadcasters to web formats.

SES together with Cinegy’s system integrator Vericom will create a custom made logging template that is simplifying the creation of metadata and subclips such as when a player scores. The subclip and metadata will automatically be sent to Cinegy Convert when a trigger keyword ie “goal” is entered. The result is then sent automatically to different clients in broadcast, on the web and to mobile devices.

With the help of Cinegy, SES will both modernize and simplify a lot of tasks that are being done manually today.

“Cinegy fulfills our needs and fits our current IP-based infrastructure perfectly. A cost effective system that also seems very flexible was also a factor that played a part in our choice”. Says Andreas Brännström, CEO, Sports Editing Sweden

End clients can connect to SES’s MAM and search, browse and get content in their own preferred format by using the Cinegy Workspace client. This connection is done over the internet.

“Vericom is very happy to work together with SES and Sweden’s most popular elite sports league, the Swedish Hockey League, to enable for them all the marvelous features that Cinegy systems give the client”. Says Anders Höög, Managing Director, Vericom.

SES and the Swedish Hockey League are also looking at other parts of the Cinegy product line over the coming months.

About Sports Editing Sweden:

SES is an independent sports media producer with an in-house technical department that develops advanced solutions for a various range of platforms to ensure presentation of content produced by the SES production department. SES customers consist of some of the major players in broadcasting, media and betting segment in Sweden, for instance TV4/CANAL+, Aftonbladet and Svenska Spel.

About Veritas Produktion

Vericom is based in Sweden and provides a consulting, technology and sales service for television and streaming video. The company is headed by Anders Höög, who has 20 years experience in broadcast engineering in Swedish Television. Together with a network of consultants with broad knowledge of broadcast, Vericom offers a complete package of services, design, installation, training, support and service.
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