Webinar in Spanish: Discover the Future of Digital Broadcasting with Cinegy!



Webinar Date: 14 November

Time: 16:00 CET

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Embark on a digital expedition with Cinegy’s International Sales Manager Sergio Alekseev, unveiling the prospective horizons of software solutions for the broadcasting industry. With 21 years of pioneering innovations, Cinegy is set to steer the broadcast industry in Spain and Latin America towards a future where technology and content coalesce into a seamless experience.

N.B. This webinar will be in Spanish.

Why Attend?

  • Proven Expertise: Learn how our wealth of experience and associations, such as with Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão (SBT), enhance broadcast operations with Cinegy’s solutions.
  • Forward-Thinking Solutions: Dive into Cinegy’s software solutions, exploring scalable, adaptable options designed to elevate your broadcasting tech and operations.
  • Local Expert: Meet Sergio Alekseev, your local Cinegy expert, blending technical and cultural wisdom to guide your digital evolution.

About Sergio Alekseev

With a formidable background in business development and sales across pivotal regions, Sergio joined the Cinegy sales team in September 2023. Operating from Madrid, with a rich academic background from Spain and Germany, his expertise, especially from his tenure as a regional sales manager for AEQ, is transforming Cinegy’s regional presence.

Challenges and Solutions in Modern Broadcasting

Broadcasters today navigate a sea of challenges: originating and storing diverse, compelling content; transmitting reliably; ensuring workflow control for legal compliance and content protection; maximizing stored content benefits; and accommodating new platforms and technologies like OTT and UHD. The limitation of traditional broadcasting, especially amidst HDTV and UHD, becomes conspicuous, prompting a shift.

By embracing Cinegy’s workflow software and conventional IT hardware, broadcasters can ensure content is securely stored, instantly retrievable, and can be repurposed as needed. Transitioning away from the constraints of legacy hardware, Cinegy facilitates content transmission via varied mediums, even enabling instant Internet transmission with real-time, eye-catching branding at playout. The integration of Cinegy’s software solutions into existing workflows also promises a gradual and controlled transition from analogue to the flexibility of software-defined television.