Cinegy Platform One



MAM + Storage + Compute + LTO Archive

Cinegy and XenData joined forces to develop Cinegy Platform One – an optimized system that combines an expandable LTO archive and optionally scalable shared disk storage, all managed by Cinegy software.

108 B Shared Disk Storage Expandable to 228TB

Windows Server 16 Cores, 64 GB RAM running Cinegy MAM

326TB LTO-8 Archive expandable to 3.2PB
managed by XenData software

Platform One Concept

For many organizations, the sheer volume of video files creates challenges associated with storing, organizing, finding and reusing their media assets. The conventional approach is to install shared disk storage, a Media Asset Management (MAM) server and an archive server which brings its own challenges when it comes to getting these components to work harmoniously together. Cinegy Platform One from XenData provides an integrated solution that combines all these elements on one powerful server.

Platform One Hardware

The Windows server is powered by two 8-core Xeon processors and has 64 GB of RAM. It is connected to a scalable LTO-8 robotic library managed by XenData software which provides a 326 TB near-line archive. As your storage needs grow, the library can be expanded to over 3.2 PB. The server also connects to a high-performance RAID that provides from 120 TB to 240 TB of shared disk storage. If you already have shared disk storage, a model is available with just the server and LTO archive. The Cinegy software is pre-installed and ready for configuration.